It’s only a matter of time until the next major snowstorm makes its way through New Jersey. As a business or commercial property owner, you might be debating as to whether or not you should handle snow removal on your own this winter. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a commercial snow removal service:

More customers

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to prepare your lot for snow and ice. If a customer can’t get into your business because of inclement conditions, they will shop elsewhere. No business owner wants to lose customers for any reason, especially one that’s so easily controllable.

At Tanz Inc, we recommend taking a more proactive approach to snow removal. Get ahead of the storm and shovel every few hours if necessary. If you can’t make this kind of commitment to customers, it’s probably best to hire a professional.


This might be the most obvious one, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Here’s the thing — customers expect a well-plowed lot during business hours. If their safety is at all compromised due to ice or snow, they’re probably going to get back in their vehicle and leave.

Then there’s the safety of your own employees. Just like customers, your team members won’t want to trudge through inches of snow or tiptoe across sheets of ice just to make it through the door. When you invest in commercial snow removal services, remember that you’re also investing in the safety of those you depend on most.

Reduced liability risk  

Along with snow and ice comes accident and liability risk. No business owner or property manager wants to deal with an easily avoidable lawsuit. By hiring an experienced snow removal company, you significantly reduce your chances of a lawsuit.

Not only are lawsuits typically costly for business owners, but they lead to negative publicity. In a domino effect, that attention could translate to fewer customers down the road. Do away with incessant worrying about snow-related accidents for good and contact a snow plowing company.

Protected lots and other surfaces

Professional snow removal companies (hopefully) use the latest, most innovative equipment in the industry. Why exactly is this so important? Well, having the right equipment ensures that the surface beneath the snow is protected from plow damage.

We’re guessing you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on parking lot repairs next spring. You want to be 100 percent sure that your lot will maintain its structure while remaining free of snow and ice. Before hiring a snow removal team, be sure to ask what kind of equipment they’ll be using.

Peace of mind

This one’s pretty straightforward. In our years of handling snow removal in New Jersey, we have yet to meet a business owner who doesn’t want peace of mind. While your first thought may be to shovel snow yourself in order to save money, your best bet is to go with a professional snow plowing service.

All it takes is one major snowstorm for you to realize your investment was worth it. As opposed to leaving employees and customers at an inopportune time, you can stay focused on business matters while an experienced professional clears your parking lot.

The Leaders in Commercial Snow and Ice Removal

Whether you’ve lived in New Jersey for a year or a decade, you know the importance of having a dependable snow removal company at the ready. Tanz is committed to keeping clients’ businesses up and running, even in the nastiest weather. We are constantly monitoring local weather conditions so we can have our team and equipment ready when needed.

In addition to having the most efficient snow plowing operations, we also pride ourselves in our proactive salting procedures. Tanz sidewalk crews will ensure that entryways and handicapped accessibility areas are clear of hazardous snow and ice.

At Tanz, we believe you shouldn’t have to hire one company for irrigation systems, a second company for landscaping, and a third company for snow and ice management. We are proud to be New Jersey’s one-stop shop for property maintenance services.

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