The landscaping on your commercial property is kept in tip-top shape throughout the year. But something seems to be missing — a quality lighting system. The fact is that well-lit driveways and parking lots make your customers, tenants, and visitors feel safe and secure while on your property after dark.

But safety isn’t the only benefit of a functional outdoor lighting system. Here are five reasons why you should upgrade your landscape lighting in 2019:


Maybe you want to enhance your property’s appearance but don’t want to break the bank doing so. At Tanz Inc, we can set you up with dramatic accent lighting options that add incredible visual appeal to your business. With the right positioning, your outdoor lighting can make your property stand out from others in the area.


It used to be that fancy commercial lighting systems were costly monthly expenses. However, thanks to energy-efficient LED solutions, that’s no longer the case. Rest assured that the professionals at Tanz will customize an outdoor lighting solution to meet your needs and budget.


Landscape lighting plays a critical role in the way people use your outdoor space. Think about it — as beautiful as your property’s exterior might be, tenants won’t be able to enjoy it when the sun goes down unless there’s good lighting. Upgraded lights also give your landscaping team some much-needed flexibility and breathing room when performing maintenance.


This ties in a bit with the aforementioned point regarding appearance. It’s one thing to have bright lights regularly illuminating the outside of your building. It’s another, though, to use those lights for decorative purposes, especially during the holiday season.


Here’s the most obvious reason to invest in a new commercial exterior lighting system. Don’t forget that it’s your responsibility to make visitors feel safe and secure while on your property after dark. If you get even the slightest inclination that safety is an issue, consult a professional regarding landscape lighting installation as soon as possible.

The Leaders in Commercial Outdoor Lighting

At Tanz, we understand that you have choices when it comes to property maintenance and outdoor lighting solutions in particular. But don’t make the mistake of assuming all lighting companies perform the same quality of work. Our technicians are well-versed in designing the best lighting systems for our clients’ organizations.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Installation

It’s probably not the best idea to turn this into a DIY project. After all, the last thing you want to do is waste valuable time attempting to figure out the intricacies of lighting installation. So do yourself a favor and get in touch with the professionals right from the start.

Tanz makes the lighting installation process simple and stress-free for business owners. First, we’ll set up a time to visit your locations and check out the areas where upgraded lighting would make sense. From there, we’ll discuss options available to you, taking into account your preferences, and of course, your budget.

One more thing worth noting here is that Tanz commercial outdoor lighting packages include a programmable lighting zone controller. This easy-to-use device puts you in control of your entire lighting system. No longer will you have to be restricted with a timer from the Stone Age.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Now that you know how Tanz goes about outdoor lighting installation, let’s dive into maintenance. Sure, you wouldn’t think twice about handling an outdoor lighting system on your own. We’re willing to bet that you’d regret that decision, though, once you need to reach burned out bulbs or make inconvenient adjustments.

It’s no secret why Tanz has been New Jersey’s trusted lighting maintenance experts for years. For one thing, our team will service any low-voltage system whether it was installed by us or another contractor. From wiring, fixtures, and controllers to bulbs, connections, and warranty fulfillment our commercial outdoor lighting service covers it all.

Never will you have to worry about Tanz pushing a new lighting system when your current one just needs a few tweaks.

With 2019 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to enhance your commercial property’s lighting. Get a free estimate from Tanz Inc today!