There are so many things to consider when winter comes that winterizing your sprinkler system at your New Jersey home might be easy to forget. Such tasks can get put on the back burner when gutters need to be cleaned, furnaces need to be serviced and lawns need to be aerated. But having your sprinkler system winterized is something you don’t want to forget. Here are a few reasons why it is important to have us winterize your sprinkler system before the cold and snow is here.freeze


When water freezes, it expands. This expansion can cause breaks in valves, pumps, sprinkler heads, fittings and any other number of sprinkler parts, leaving you with major repairs and replacements that will cost you money. Draining your system of all of the water is the only way to prevent this. A properly winterized sprinkler system is a system ready for use come spring.


If you have a newer sprinkler system, not having it winterized could void the warranty. Sprinkling system manufacturers recommend systems get blown out rather than relying on gravity to pull water from the pipes.

October is the ideal month to have your sprinkler system blown out and winterized, right before the cold weather November is sure to bring. You won’t want to wait too long, before you know, snow will be flying and temperatures will dip well below freezing. Give us a call and we will ensure your sprinkler system is properly winterized and ready to roll come next spring.