Tanz Inc. offers free water testing in New Jersey. Because we’ve been testing water for more than 30 years, many people ask us what is normal to find in our tap water. There can be a variety of chemicals and minerals in your water, some that you want to find and others that you might not and wish to filter out. Most of what we find are within the range of “normal” levels thanks to the hard work of water treatment plants in the area. But what’s “normal” to find when we test your water? And what should you be wary of finding in your water?

water testing new jerseyWhat In Your Water?

The answer can vary from region to region and even from house to house, but there are some things that we might find in your water when we do a water test:

  • Chlorine. This is often used to clean and disinfect water in the treatment plants.
  • Fluoride. Some communities in New Jersey get water that has fluoride added to it. Some people feel this is good for the health of their teeth, while others are concerns about the effects of fluoride.
  • Haloacetic Acids. This is a byproduct created by the disinfection and cleaning of water in the treatment plants.
  • Arsenic. Don’t let this scare you; arsenic is actually a naturally occurring element found in nature, so trace amounts of it in your water are to be expected. Higher levels are a concern, though.
  • Nitrates. This can be introduced into the water supply from fertilizers used on crops. This is definitely something that you don’t want to find in your water in high levels.
  • Lead. An issue that’s gained a lot of attention in recent months due in part to the water crisis in Flint, MI, high lead levels in your water can lead to a host of medical issues. Some communities are finding higher lead levels due to older pipes and plumbing systems.

While small amounts of any of these things may be no reason to worry, some families would rather take steps to prevent even small amounts from finding their way into their water.

What to Do If Your Water is Unsafedreamstime_xxl_29724158

The only way to know whether or not your water is truly safe for your family is to take advantage of our free water testing services. We can give you a comprehensive analysis of your water and show you what’s normal and what’s not. Then we can offer you a host of solutions to filter unsafe elements from your water and make it safe for you and your family to use. Filtration doesn’t have to be expensive, and it could end up benefitting the health of your family. We’ll help you take steps towards implementing a cost-effective water filtration solution in your New Jersey home.

Want to know what’s in your water? Get in touch with our water testing team today by giving us a call or contacting us online today. We’ll get back to you right away to schedule a time to test your water.