dreamstime_xxl_29724158The water crisis in Flint, MI is a heartbreaking disaster. Thousands of families with children have been exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water, a heavy metal that in the short term can cause issues like stomach aches, vomiting, and headaches. Long term repercussions include delayed development, memory loss, kidney dysfunction and more. The situation in Flint has made many people across the country much more aware of the dangers that could be lurking in their drinking water. That’s why so many people in New Jersey are calling about our free water testing services.

What You Can Do To Prevent Lead in Your Water

Unfortunately, if you are using city water, there is very little that you can do to prevent lead from getting into your water. The primary cause of lead getting into water is through old pipes, which may have contained lead that now leaches into the water supply. Because there is almost nothing you can do to prevent this (other than updating your own plumbing system), you’ll need to take other steps to prevent ingesting any lead that might be present.

Step One: Get Your Water Tested

Before you take any steps to filter your water, make sure there is a reason to filter it. Tanz Inc. offers free water testing services, so you can get a comprehensive analysis of your water supply at no cost. This will tell you what kind of levels you have in your water and help dictate your next steps.

Step Two: Research Filtration Options

There are a number of filtration options available for your home water supply. You may simply need to invest in a water-filtering pitcher, something that fits on your sink, or even an in-plumbing filtration system. You’ll want to research your options and find one that meets your needs and your budget. Our team can offer suggestions based on your water testing results.

Tanz Inc. keeps NJ tap water clean with water testing services.Step Three: Install the Right Filtration System

If you choose a filtration option that requires installation, you can either do it yourself or have our experienced team members do it for you. They’ve been installing filtration in homes like yours for more than 30 years, so you can feel confident in their work and ability to get the installation done perfectly. You’ll be enjoying safe, clean water in no time.

Call Us Today to Schedule Your Free Water Test

Don’t waste time worrying about lead in your water. Instead, get your water tested and take steps to protect your family from the dangers of lead poisoning. We can help. Call us today at 888-237-6252 or contact us through our website to schedule your free water test. Our experienced team will give you the results of your water test and show you what levels might be of a concern. If you want to filter your water, our water technicians can offer filtration solutions that will work for your home and your budget. Let us help make your water safe for your family and get in touch with us today to schedule your free water testing appointment.