drinking-waterIt is often not enough to be able to identify that your water has “an unpleasant odor.” In order to determine the source of the problem, we must be able to decide what the most likely culprits are based on what exactly the odor smells like.

Common Odors In Drinking Water

Musty and Earthy

If your tap water has a musty or earthy smell, this is likely due to the presence of organic materials, which are typically not harmful. You may have decaying matter in your drain, in which case a simple cleaning, disinfecting, and flushing of the drain should solve the odor problem.


If your water smells like rotten eggs or sulfur, it could indicate bacteria growth within your drain. The bacteria feed off of the organic matter that has caught and collected, such as food waste, soap, and hair. You may also have bacteria growth within your hot water heater due to too low a temperature, unused hot water, or if the heater is turned off for a long enough period of time. For drain issues, clean, disinfect, and flush your drain.


Chlorine is added to drinking water during the treatment process, so a strong chlorine smell could indicate that you live close to the treatment plant or booster station. If you’re bothered by a particularly strong odor of chlorine, a home water filter can help.

Contact Tanz Inc., the leading water testing experts in New Jersey, to learn what’s causing the unpleasant odor in your water. We can also install a water filtration system in your home or business to keep your water fresh.