dreamstime_xxl_36975442Following the Flint water crisis and this year’s developments with the action-level lead content in Newark schools, it’s perfectly reasonable to wonder about the water quality at your New Jersey business property. Whether you use your business’s water for cooking, cleaning, laundry, or irrigation, you may already be experiencing the negative effects of hard or contaminated water.  

Why Should I Have My Business’s Water Tested?

Hard Water

Although hard water is not typically harmful to your health, it can make your life very difficult. Scale deposit buildup in your pipes can reduce water flow, and buildup in the appliances you and your employees use every day can eventually cause them to fail. Why fork out the money to replace your dishwasher or washing machine if the problem began within the water itself?  


Dated plumbing techniques and other lead-based issues passed down through history can cause a high level of lead in today’s drinking water. Lead poisoning causes a variety of negative effects depending on the age and health status of the affected person. Children exposed to lead may experience learning and behavioral problems, a lower IQ, anemia, etc. Exposed adults can suffer from increased blood pressure, reduced kidney function, reproductive issues, etc. Finally, lead exposure in pregnant women can cause a number of negative effects, including premature birth.

Protect yourself, your employees, and visitors to your business by finding out if your business is getting clean, safe water. Tanz Inc. offers free water testing to New Jersey business owners. Contact us online or give us a call to schedule your water test.