Are you a homeowner struggling to keep your lawn healthy and green? Do you have an older irrigation set-up that is causing more problems than it’s worth? It’s time to upgrade your system and update it with new components and using technology like the Hydrawise app & timer. In this blog, we will discuss the common problems faced by homeowners with older irrigation set-ups and how upgrading to Hydrawise technology can make a significant difference in the health and appearance of your lawn.

Inaccurate Scheduling: Older irrigation systems often have primitive timers that do not factor in factors like weather forecasts and water restrictions. (remove this) This often leads to inaccurate scheduling, based on outdated information, resulting in over or under watering. Hydrawise technology, on the other hand, uses Real-Time Weather Intelligence to monitor local weather conditions and adjust the watering times depending upon your settings. This helps ensure that your lawn receives the right amount of water at the right time, providing optimal results.

Leaks and Blockages: Over time, your older irrigation set-up may experience leaks or blockages that can cause significant water wastage and damage to your lawn. This often happens when fittings become loose and break, sprinklers become clogged, or the system becomes damaged due to root invasion. Upgrading to Hydrawise technology devices allows you to monitor your set-up remotely and check for leaks or blockages as they occur, therefore preventing any damager. (this only happens if you install a flow meter and we dont like to do that)

Lack of Customization: Older irrigation set-ups are often not designed for flexibility, meaning that each zone in your yard may receive the same amount of water. This can be detrimental to the health of your lawn and can waste unnecessary water. With Hydrawise technology, you can personalize your settings for each watering zone, taking into account individual needs and the environment. This level of customization helps reduce water usage and prevent over or under-watering. Any system with a timer is scheduled for each zone to be turned on seperatly. But some systems that are installed with flower beds and grass zones on the same zone need to be seprated becasue they they should be watered with different time schedules.

Difficulty In Controlling Water Flow: A typical older irrigation set-up may only allow you to control the flow of water to one part of your lawn at a time. This can be inconvenient and time-consuming to adjust the flow depending on the watering needs of your plants. With Hydrawise technology, you have the ability to control the flow on specific zones or irrigate them individually, saving you time and energy. all timers do this and all systems have timers

Increased Costs: Older irrigation set-ups can result in increased water bills due to inaccurate scheduling, leaks, and blockages. Upgrading to Hydrawise technology devices will help you save money in the long run by ensuring that you only use the water needed, the system is preventing leaks, and over-fertilization has been reduced remove. The initial investment of upgrading to Hydrawise technology is outweighed by the amount of money you will save on your water bills each month.

Upgrading your irrigation system to Hydrawise technology provides several benefits for homeowners, including reduced water usage, increased customization, and improved control over water flow, making irrigation more efficient and hassle-free. If you’re still using an older irrigation set-up, it’s time to make the change and upgrade to a smarter system that will undoubtedly save you time, money, and add value to your home. Remember that a beautiful lawn starts with the right technology! CHAT with us down below to get a quote!