The emptiness in your new home can be a bit overwhelming. There is so much empty space you need to fill. But before you run out to your nearest Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up wall hangings, bookcases and other knick-knacks, check out this list of things you need to get first.

Sprinkler System

One of the first things you want to do when you move into your New Jersey home is call for sprinkler system installation. With a new home, you are going to be quite busy keeping everything maintained and in tip-top shape, the last thing you want to have to spend time doing is dragging a sprinkler and hoses all over the yard to get everything watered.

A sprinkler system at your new home helps ensure a beautifully green lawn with a lot less effort on your part.

Window Treatments

We know how you need a rug to tie the room together, but window treatments will do more to fill that space and give your rooms a coherent look. Drapery, shades and blinds may not be very sexy, but they should be at the top of your to-buy list. Not only do window treatments tie rooms together, gives your spaces a finished look and add a splash of color, they keep the neighbors from looking in on you, accidently or not.

Start with basic blinds that offer privacy if money is tight, you can always upgrade at a future date.


If your new home is furnished with builder-grade lighting, you had better go ahead and make a change. Replacing the contractor’s basic-style fixture in the dining room with a chandelier is a great way to give your home a warm feeling that speaks deeply about your personality. Plus it looks way cool.

Swap out the lighting in all the other rooms that have stock, dull fixtures, there is no need to torture yourself having to look at such garbage.


Live plants are great for empty corners, those places that are still bare after your move that remind you that are still not fully moved in. You will want to fill bigger spaces with large plants like palms, ficus or a fig.


There is no need to rush out and purchase a full-scale organization system quite yet. Instead, pick up a few baskets of varying sizes and use them to store those pesky things you always find on the couch or kitchen table.


You will be glad you remembered to buy this before the grass grows knee-high. This is one of those things you don’t think about until you need it in a desperate way. Because you had that sprinkler system installed, your grass is going to grow fast.

Keys and Locks

When you buy a home, you always need to consider safety first. You really have no idea who might have a set of keys to the home you now own. The previous owners could have lent keys to almost anybody. It is better to be safe and have everything swapped out.