If you spend your evenings and weekends dragging hoses to all the corners of your lawn to ensure your grass gets the water it needs to thrive, you are doing it all wrong. There really is no reason you need to be out in the hot sun, working up a sweat getting water to your lawn, not when there is a simple solution that will end this needless labor. All you need to do is give your New Jersey sprinkler installation experts at Tanz Inc. a call. And if you happen to be the odd duck who enjoys this seemingly endless task of manual watering, then we have a few other reasons a sprinkler system for your lawn should be a priority.sprinkler

Sprinkling systems help you water your lawn consistently and effectively. Let’s face it, dragging that hose around and randomly watering parts of your lawn will lead to brown spots and other watering inconsistencies. In addition, the old hose and sprinkler system is a big waste of water, which is as bad for your wallet as it is for the environment. Be smart, conserve water and save money at the same time with a sprinkling system.

With a sprinkler system, you get to customize your watering strategy according to the shape and size of your lawn.

Sprinkling systems aren’t just for your lawn, you can set them up to have your plants, trees, hedges and flower bed watered whenever you so desire.

Lastly, a sprinkler system supports the value of your home and can be a key selling point when you do put your house on the market.

So let’s do this.