Natural grass can be found in parks, on athletic fields and in recreational areas, it accounts for over 50 million acres of maintained land here in the United States. There is a reason why grass is the choice of so many homeowners, because it holds several benefits. But if you have a lawn that doesn’t look great because you have a hard time keeping the grass watered, perhaps you need to call your New Jersey sprinkler system installation company.

Air Quality

Grass is a living organism and each blade of grass pulls carbon dioxide from the air and converts it to oxygen. Of course, it is a complicated process, but the point is that a grassy area measuring 2.500 square feet produces enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe. If your lawn is average size, it will capture as much as 250 pounds of carbon a year, providing it is watered and healthy.

In addition to reducing carbon dioxide, your grass traps a ton of dirt and dust that is flying around your neighborhood.

Grass Acts as a Pollution Filter

Studies have shown that grass reduces pollution and runoff. Consider this: A football field filled with grass can absorb up to 40,000 gallons of water before any runoff will occur. Grass roots stabilize the soil and help prevent erosion. In addition, there are studies that have shown that grass also absorbs sound, thus reducing noise pollution.

Heat Reduction

On those hot and sticky New Jersey dog days of summer, you can expect your lawn to be about 30 degrees cooler that the asphalt street. Not impressed? Well, your grass lawn will also be about 15 degrees cooler than bare soil.

In fact, the cooling effect your grass has can be compared to an air conditioner. a Typical baseball field provides up to 70 tons of air conditioning. Think about that nest time you are watching the Yankees. Your dead grass doesn’t cool anything, it is only a fire hazard.

Appeal the Masses

Grass spaces are popular places to meet and increase the appeal of a community. We all get tired of staring at concrete and asphalt and are all too happy to see a patch of grass in the city. Parks filled with grass are popular destinations for those who want to enjoy some relaxation and beauty.

Home Value

Experts indicate that a well-landscaped yard with plenty of grass can expect a 10 percent higher base price. You can expect a 10 percent reduction in your home prices until you get it together and get your grass green and healthy.


Hanging with your family and friends outdoors is not as fun at your house. Grass is a great place to play games and participate in other recreational activities. Not only that, a well-kept lawn is a lawn that you are proud of and want people to see. The time is right to seriously consider having a lawn sprinkler system installed so you can enjoy a beautiful and green lawn this summer.