Nothing says pride of ownership like a well-maintained lawn. But let’s face it, staying on top of perfectly manicured turf and landscaping elements is tough. As the weather warms up, we’re sure you are looking forward to enjoying your lawn’s park-like oasis. If your sprinkler system isn’t working correctly, your lush lawn and bank account can suffer… big time.

Here are 5 of the most common signs you need to service your sprinkler system.

Discolored or Dead Patches of Grass

A healthy lawn has a lush consistent appearance. But even the best-maintained lawns will have occasional discoloration and dead spots. If you start to see more discoloration and dead patches, you might have a problem on your hands that requires maintenance of your sprinkler system. Make sure you call a professional. Just a few discolored or dead patches can quickly impact your healthy grass.  

Soggy Sections of Lawn

If you notice puddles in your yard without recent heavy rainfall, those mushy spots are a strong indicator of an issue with your sprinkler system.

Pooled water around sprinkler heads points to a broken, clogged, or misaligned sprinkler head. When the puddles are not near a sprinkler head, a crack or leak in your system’s water line is probably the culprit.

Correcting your soggy lawn problem is a priority. 

When your lawn is soggy, the root system becomes shallow. A shallow root system stresses your grass and plants. A stressed lawn is susceptible to weeds, disease, and the overuse of fertilizer. 

Higher than Average Water Bill

Water bills fluctuate throughout the year. We use more water during the summer months and not just on our lawns. You wash your cars. You fill kiddy or doggy pools. You might plant a garden that needs water. 

But if you think your bill is higher, compare the water usage to last year’s usage during the same time frame. You can’t compare strictly based on the cost. The price of water could have gone up. If you haven’t had any significant household changes that require more water, the usage should be roughly the same as the previous year. 

If you see there is a spike in water usage and you haven’t had any life changes or plumbing issues, your sprinkler system could be the problem. You should call for service right away.

Water Pressure Problems

Unlike detecting water pressure issues in your home, sprinkler systems can be tougher to notice. If you can’t rinse the shampoo out of your hair, or it takes forever to fill up a pitcher of water, you know there is an issue. 

Water pressure issues are more challenging to uncover and troubleshoot with your sprinkler system. 

If you notice changes in your yard and aren’t sure what the problem is, investigate your sprinkler system’s water pressure. Go out into your yard during a sprinkler cycle and inspect your system.

A properly functioning sprinkler system sprays the same amount of water and uses consistent water pressure. You shouldn’t see sprinkler heads that bubble, dribble, cough, or witness water shooting into the air like an Old Faithful eruption. 

If you observe any of these issues, they are symptoms of a sprinkler system pressure issue.

There are many causes for these issues. Unless you are a sprinkler expert, it is best to have a professional inspect and repair your system. 

Leaky Control Valves

Your sprinkler valves should not leak. If you have leaky sprinkler valves, diagnosing the issue (or issues) can lead you down a costly and never-ending rabbit hole of troubleshooting.

The most common causes of leaky valves are:

  • Broken O-Rings or Seals
  • Too much water pressure in the sprinkler system
  • System malfunction during watering cycles
  • Broken or damaged valves
  • Blocked or broken lines
  • Sprinkler head malfunctions

So, if you’re going to take a crack at fixing them on your own, carve out a Saturday (and Sunday), and work through the most common issues one-by-one. Be prepared for multiple trips to your local hardware store. Unrepaired or improperly repaired leaky valves can lead to major (and expensive) issues down the road. Make sure you don’t ignore your leaky valves.

Sprinkler System Service & Maintenance Contracts

A properly functioning sprinkler system accounts for up to 30% of a household’s total water consumption. A poor-performing sprinkler system could double or triple that usage.

A sprinkler system service and maintenance contract ensures your system’s performance and effectiveness, extends your system’s life, and protects your investment.

Let the professionals save you time and money by handling the following:

  • Activate the system in the spring
  • Check for leaks and clogs
  • Clean sprinkler system components
  • Check for damaged parts
  • Replace worn out / broken parts
  • Use only the highest-quality parts
  • Inspect connections
  • Recommend redesigns for optimal performance
  • Winterize system
  • Other services as needed

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