We all know that winter, with its freezing temperatures, is coming. As the fall season progresses, it’s time to prepare ourselves, our vehicles, and our homes for chillier days. One important thing you should start thinking about right now is to make an appointment with a professional to perform your sprinkler blowout.

Why Your Irrigation System is at Risk

If you were paying attention in your high school science classes, then you know that water has a rather odd property. It actually expands when it freezes. In the heart of a New Jersey winter, the frost can travel deep into your lawn, past the depth of your sprinkler system. If any water is left in the pipes of your irrigation system, it will freeze, expand, and damage the piping. This is not a small problem. If your irrigation piping gets damaged, you may not even know you have a problem until you get a major leak on your hands. A work crew will then have to dig up your lawn to find and fix the problem.
Even a small amount of water left in your pipes can freeze and damage the pipe’s casing or other components of your irrigation system. The only way to protect your sprinkler system is to get every last drop of water out.

What Is a Sprinkler Blowout?

There are actually three main methods to clear your irrigation system of water: the manual drain, the auto drain, and the blowout. If your irrigation system is not set up to perform a manual or auto drain, then you’ll need to perform a blowout.
A blowout is exactly what it sounds like. Using a special piece of machinery called a compressor, you will pump highly compressed air through the pipes of your irrigation system. The compressed air will forcefully blow the water out of your pipes. It’s quite a sight to see!

Why You Should Never Perform a Sprinkler Blowout on Your Own

You may consider tackling a sprinkler blowout on your own to save money or simply because you have a DIY spirit. While it is possible to rent an air compressor and perform the blowout on your own, we strongly advise against this. Working with highly compressed air can be very dangerous. If you do not configure the equipment correctly, you could damage your irrigation system and the pipes within your home, not to mention seriously injure yourself. This bears repeating. Compressed air can easily cause major damage to eyes and other sensitive parts of the body, and if the compressor is set up incorrectly it could result in flying debris.
It is a much, much, much better idea to let experts handle this process. At Tanz, Inc., we have performed countless sprinkler blowouts in a safe and effective way. Our workers are highly competent, careful, and patient. We get all the water out, so that your irrigation system will survive even the roughest winter and be ready to jump back into action in the spring.
If you call us to schedule a sprinkler blowout before Thanksgiving, we’ll even guarantee our work. If any part of your irrigation system or the piping system in your home is damaged, we will cover the cost of repair. If you live in or near Morris or Middlesex County in New Jersey, call to schedule your sprinkler blowout today. We also perform sprinkler blowouts in Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. Yes, you need to perform sprinkler blowouts even if you live in North Carolina. It is possible for the frost to freeze pipes in North Carolina, so there’s no point in risking your irrigation system. Play it safe and hire a professional team for a sprinkler blowout.