There are two things you can do the next time you get stuck at home because of a snowstorm; you can spend the day shoveling snow or you can make some popcorn and watch movies all day. Those who do the latter have obviously hired a snow removal service in Matthews. At the end of the day, watching movies beats snow shoveling any day of the week, even if the movies turn out to be really bad.

By the way, we compiled a list of movies, films about extreme weather, that are totally suitable for watching while you are hunkered down in your home waiting for the snowstorm to pass.

The Perfect Storm

Based on the book by Sebastian Junge, which was in turn based on actual events, The Perfect Storm is loosely based on the experiences of the sword-fishing crew of the Andrea Gail. The Perfect Storm is about how the crew faces an intense storm during their last trip of the season to the sea. The drama is real, the special effects are worthy and this film will keep you at the edge of your seat.


This movie is an enjoyable romp that follows two competing storm chasing teams who are attempting to perfect tornado research techniques. The film is full of wonderful special effects and you will be intrigued by the relationship between Bill Harding (Bil Paxton) and his soon-to-be ex-wife Jo Harding (Helen Hunt).

Just as interesting are the urban legends that have developed since the release of the film. For example, a tornado recently destroyed a farmhouse that was featured quite often in the movie.

Hard Rain

Any movie starring Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater can’t be all that bad. You just read that is Morgan Freeman’s voice. Anyway, lots of stuff happens in this movie, there are amazing action sequences, eerie settings and a climactic scene so enjoyable you will want to back it up and watch it twice. Also, it rains a lot throughout the movie.


Although not technically about weather, Earthquake is certainly a movie you should have on your “must see” list. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Charlton Heston and George Kennedy are in this epic tale and find themselves victims of a massive earthquake (9.9 on the Richter Scale). Sure, the movie boasts great special effects and there are mass destruction and death, but it is a lot more character based than you might think.

The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow is the Granddaddy of all of the extreme weather movies. This is a movie about the dawning of a new ice age after the effect of global warming have finally caught up to us. Politics aside, the movie can be enjoyed in purely entertainment terms as well. The blend of live-action stunts and CGI makes for realistic viewing. Make no doubt about it, this movie will have you shuttering up the windows and hunkering down in your blanket.

For those who have to shovel, maybe you can catch these movies next spring when you have more time.