Let’s face it, winter isn’t everyone’s favorite season. In fact, many place it fourth on their list of favorite seasons. Sure, the snow is pretty and all, but shoveling it is a difficult chore with no rewards. Thank goodness you can hire a snow removal team in New Jersey. One other bad thing about winter is the cold, you can never seem to escape the cold. So when it’s snowing outside and cold, you wind up cooped up indoors bored out of your mind. In fact, there are several reasons why winter is the least favorite season for so many.

You Fall a Lot

Falling is never fun and many times it winds up being a painful and/or embarrassing situation. In the winter, there are just so many hazards that can cause you to fall. Actually, there is just one, ice, but there is enough of it that it seems like more than one hazard.

You Feel Like Death

With the freezing temperatures and wind chill, stepping outside makes you feel like you are going to pass right out and die. Seriously, it gets so cold out in the winter it takes your breath away. To say you feel like death warmed over is very inaccurate because there is nothing warm about you.

Car Issues

Your morning commute has to begin about 20 minutes earlier in the winter for any number of reasons. First off, if the roads are snow-packed or icy, you will take longer getting to work. Also, you have to go out, start your car so it gets warm and take the time to scrape an inch of ice off your windows. Sure, they have those fancy new cars that come with remote starting, but most of us still have to start our cars the old school way, manually, with a key.

thank-goodness-side-page-content-image-01-10-17Other Drivers

Every time it snows, there is some fool in a 4-wheel-drive that still somehow thinks that his truck stops quicker on ice because “reasons.” Look buddy, slow it down and quit being a hazard to everybody else on the road.


January is just the worst month of the year hands down. The holiday season is over, all the cool things you get for Christmas are already broken, you failed all your new year resolutions, your football team didn’t make the playoffs, how could it get any worse? Well, it’s still the middle of winter with snow and freezing temperatures and spring is still months away. January is a bitter month.


By mid-January, you have gained weight, lost your glowing tan and haven’t seen the sun in about three weeks. Worse still, it’s dark when you go to work and when you get home from work so you never go outside. You burned through every good show and movie on Netflix and down to watching Big Bank Theory reruns, how pathetic. If spring doesn’t come soon, you will die of boredom.

Winter Storms

Is there anybody who can honestly say they enjoy a good winter storm?