What is Easter without an Easter Egg hunt? Easter egg hunts are fun for kids and adults as well. When you plan your Easter festivities, set the tone with an epic Easter egg hunt.

The key to an epic Easter egg hunt is to not think in small terms. That is, a dozen colored eggs hidden among garden rocks, under gutter spouts and in tall grass does not constitute a real Easter egg hunt, it’s just a lame attempt on your part. Whether you are having an Easter egg hunt for a handful of kids or for the entire neighborhood, here are a few tips from your New Jersey property maintenance company to ensure it will be a memorable and outstanding event.

Determine How Much Space You Need

You need to first decide the location of your hunt. This depends largely on the number of people you plan on attending. This is more than just how many kids will be hunting eggs, it also has a lot to do with the parents and other non-hunting participates who will be there. You might only have a dozen kids actually in the hunt, but could be expecting as many as 60 people total. If this is the case, then an Easter egg hunt in your backyard is likely out of the question.

When choosing an appropriate space for your hunt, make sure it is far enough away from off-limits areas like ponds and highways.

Real or Fake

While it might be traditional to hunt real eggs, this might prove to be both impractical and labor intensive. If you plan on having a few dozen hunters, you will be spending a lot of time boiling and coloring eggs. If this is the case, it makes perfect sense to rush over to Walmart and buy the plastic fake eggs and fill them with trinkets, toys or goodies.

Age Appropriate

If you have older children or teens hunting eggs as well as younger children, you may want to have separate hunts. This way, you can buy age-appropriate fillers for the plastic eggs and find better, harder hiding spots for the older group of kids.


When you hold your Easter egg hunt, don’t forget about the attendees who won’t be scouring the landscape for eggs. If your hunt is rather small and will be held at your home, you might want to consider serving brunch. If your hunt is on a larger scale, it is a good idea to provide appropriate snacks and beverages.

Set a Date

While holding an Easter egg hunt on Easter may seem to make perfect sense, it is not always the best idea. Easter is a holiday when families get together and celebrate in their traditional ways. A better idea would be to plan the hunt on the Saturday before easter or even sooner than that. This way, you will have a better chance of most of the invitees showing up. You will also want to send invites out early enough so everybody can make the necessary plans to attend.

Also, if you are planning on having a huge Easter egg hunt, you will probably not want to foot the bill to feed everybody. In the invitations, you can request that attendees bring a dish, snack or beverage to the hunt. Set this up like you would a potluck event.

Have Helpers

If you are planning a well-attended event, don’t place all of the burden on yourself, have people help you. A large Easter egg hunt is too much for one person to plan and execute. You could have friends or family members help with the planning part and have children help decorate the eggs. It is even more fun when others are involved.

Have Some Giveaways

No matter what your age, it is always fun to get a little prize, even if you aren’t part of the actual Easter egg hunt. For this reason, you should have random prizes that are given out during the festivities. These could be given away by means of a drawing or you could incorporate a fun game and hand out prizes to the winners.

Follow these tips and your Easter egg hunt will be epic.