During the summer months, the maintenance of your commercial property includes a large focus on watering, mowing, and trimming back growth. With this season of growing drawing to an end, your focus for property maintenance will take a shift. While you no longer need to worry about how tall your grass is getting, there are still vital tasks for the winter months. Make sure you are properly prepared by creating the right plan for the maintenance of your commercial property this winter and reach out to our team for help with property maintenance in New Jersey.

Think About Your Property’s Lighting

With the cold days of winter come much longer nights and less sunlight. During the winter, proper lighting around your property will be of even greater importance. With the sun setting while many people are still busy working in the office, it is critical that you have lighting around your property. Make sure that parking lots are well lit and that walkways are visible no matter how dark it is. With winter will come snow and ice, which means having well-lit walkways will be critical.

Take the time to walk your property after dark and look for any areas where the lighting could be improved. Schedule repairs to park lot lights and pay to have more lighting installed as needed. When it comes to lighting your property, overdoing it is much better than leaving people stumbling in the dark.

Make Sure You Have A Plan For Snow Removal

It is no surprise to those of us who live in New Jersey that winter will bring a large amount of ice and snow. While we are all accustomed to this normal winter weather, it is important that you are prepared to keep your commercial property cleared during big storms. You want to ensure that those who utilize your property can enter and exit safely, which is why you should have a plan in place for snow removal.

Find a professional team that you can count on for plowing your parking lot and clearing walkways. This will ensure that everyone can safely utilize your commercial property, even during big storms.

Repair Parking Lots Before Winter Strikes

Did the summer heat cause your parking lot to crack? Are old potholes still lingering around the grounds? Make sure you schedule parking lot repairs early in the fall. Once winter strikes, it will make repairing cracks and potholes difficult. These potholes can then fill with ice and snow and the subsequent freezing and expanding can worsen the issue at hand. If you need help with repairing your parking lot, reach out to our team for help.

Don’t Leave Pipes Exposed

Before the first freeze, make sure your commercial property’s irrigation system has been winterized and that any exposed pipes or spouts are properly insulated. This will help prevent any damages to your property’s pipes during the cold winter months. Water that is left in your irrigation lines can freeze, expand, and break the lines. Outside of just scheduling sprinkler blowout services, be sure you also take the time to walk your property looking for any above ground pipes.

Talk To Us About Professional Property Maintenance

If you own or manage a commercial property, winter can bring with it a whole new set of management challenges. Our team is here to help you with all your commercial property maintenance needs. We can work with you to prepare your sprinkler system for winter, as well as handle some of the bigger tasks around your property. We can repair your parking lot, including striping, crack sealing, seal coating, and pothole repairs. We can even install new outdoor lighting around your property to prepare for the dark days ahead.

Not only can we assist you in getting your property ready for the winter, but we can also be your on-call choice for snow removal. We offer extensive snow and ice removal services, geared towards everything from a small commercial parking lot to a massive property. Talk to us about scheduling snow and ice removal services for the winter ahead. When it comes to property maintenance in New Jersey, we hope you will turn to our expert team for all your needs. Reach out today to learn more.