You go above and beyond to make sure your commercial property looks incredible. Now that the holidays are upon us, festive lights and welcoming decor are on your mind. But with so many possibilities and so little time, how should you go about decorating your commercial space this time of year?

Here are some tips from our property maintenance team at Tanz Inc:

Wrap trees and shrubs in lights

Nothing gets tenants and visitors more in the holiday spirit than lights. Start out wrapping any trees and shrubs that line your property before moving to other focal points. Keep in mind that a lighting contractor can either tightly or loosely wrap your trees depending on the look you want to achieve.

Holiday lights aren’t just for show. Should you choose to add lights to other greenery around walkways, parking lots, and other buildings, you’ll also add elements of safety and security. Tenants and visitors alike will certainly appreciate that!

Add holiday colors

No holiday decorating is complete without pops of festive colors. We’re not just talking about red and green, either. Take a look at commercial properties throughout New Jersey and you’ll see plenty of white, gold, and blue.

Maybe you’re thinking, “How am I going to incorporate all of these colors without it being too much?” Well, mixing white or gold with blue gives your property a classic look while also providing just the right amount of visual interest.

Keep the decorations simple

It’s easy to go overboard with holiday decorations. Here at Tanz, we recommend simple, yet elegant designs. Give some thought to lining the building’s roof with lights, wrapping columns with garland, as well as hanging icicles from light posts.

Obviously, you want your property to stand out because it’s decorated simply and beautifully. You and your tenants probably won’t be thrilled with a tacky design all throughout the holiday season. Reach out to a professional as soon as possible if you don’t want to take on this project yourself.

Use the best products

This is a big one. You might have the best holiday decorating plan in town. However, it means nothing if you aren’t using professional-grade products such as LED lights.

We like LEDs because they last longer than incandescent bulbs and they don’t burn out. Not to mention, they’re available in various colors and won’t cause a spike on your January utility bill. So forget about buying cheap lights from a nearby hardware store and go with what an experienced professional suggests instead.

Find a trusted lighting company

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Are you really qualified to design and decorate your entire commercial space? And, maybe more importantly, do you have the time to take on such a task?

At Tanz, we recommend hiring a dependable lighting company. Not only will they make your property look stunning for the holidays, but they are ultimately freeing up your schedule during this incredibly busy time of year.

Tanz is more than just another commercial landscaping team in New Jersey. We take pride in maintaining virtually everything outside your building. Contact us today for a free quote.