You might know somebody who owns rental properties and think it might be a good idea to get in on this potentially lucrative action. Good for you, nothing beats being your own boss. But you might have some misconceptions about owning rental properties and being a landlord. The person you know who owns rental properties doesn’t seem to be overworked, he makes good money and is happy with what he does. If this is the case, it is because he is doing it the right way. For starters, he hired a New Jersey property maintenance service to help.

You see, there are many reasons your friend hired our services to help with his rental units. First of all, your friend didn’t like the idea of having to get up early to shovel parking lots on nights that it snows. He gets to sleep in while his property maintenance company takes care of the snow. And in the summer, your friend spends a lot of time sitting at his pool sipping ice cold beverages instead of sweating over PVC pipes trying to fix sprinkler systems. You see, since he hired us for sprinkler system maintenance, he leads a more trouble-free life not having to deal with such issues.

Your friend who owns rental properties also enjoys charging a premium rate on his rentals. He can do this for several reasons. If you take a look at his rental properties, they are all well-landscaped and look very nice, thanks to the fact his sprinkler systems are always working well. His properties are also all very well-lit at night, offering his renters safety with the added value of property that looks real good even after dark.

Now, if he didn’t rely on these many services offered by our property management company, life wouldn’t be as easy. It is difficult to charge premium rent in a complex that has dirty parking lots, poor curb appeal and is dark and potentially dangerous outside at night.

If you want to invest in rental property and become a landlord, we wish you all the luck in the world. But you better do it right and give us a call.