The Importance Of Winterizing Your Sprinklers

New Jersey homeowners have a lot to do to prepare before the winter season takes over. Flowers, shrubs, and other plant life must be protected from the impending freeze, and irrigation systems must be winterized, or “blown out.” To winterize a sprinkler system, it must be completely clear of any water. When water freezes, it […]

What Does Tanz Inc. Test For In Your Water?

When it comes to keeping your employees, customers, and family safe, the last thing you want to do is neglect the quality of your home or commercial building’s water. With Tanz Inc.’s free water testing service, you can gain the confidence you deserve that your water won’t negatively affect your plumbing, appliances, or the health […]

Keep Your Business Property Green

When potential employees, potential customers, current clients, or other guests visit your commercial business property, you want to make a good impression every time. Making a consistently good impression comes down to presentation. The presentation of your building is just as important as how you present yourself; if your business’s lawn is patchy or otherwise […]

Three Benefits Of Water Testing In New Jersey

Many home and business owners assume that if their tap water has a clear color and doesn’t smell particularly strange, then it is clean, but having your water tested is the only way to know for certain. There are a number of contaminants that could be affecting the quality of your tap water without causing […]

Welcome To Tanz Inc.’s Property Maintenance Blog

Welcome to our blog, where you’ll find facts, trivia, news, and more related to our residential and commercial property management services. Tanz Inc., formerly Greg Tanzer Sprinklers, has provided New Jersey residents and commercial property owners with reliable and affordable service since 1982. Our staff is trusted, and our work speaks for itself. We provide […]