5 Common Lawn Care Myths

There are many misconceptions about lawn care out there, and, unfortunately, these false perceptions and beliefs regarding the proper way to cut grass, water grass, and manage your lawn continue to influence lawn care decision making today. Many homeowners are watering their lawns based on myths, like the misconception that it’s a good idea to […]

What Does The Taste Of Your Water Mean?

Most of us have dealt with poor-tasting tap water at one point or another. The taste of your drinking water can be affected by a number of things. Continue reading to learn about some of the most common taste culprits. For better tasting water, you can try letting water sit in the refrigerator before drinking […]

What Does The Color Of Your Water Mean?

Sometimes, drinking water can have an unpleasant appearance, and it can even turn completely different colors depending on what’s happening. While water discoloration does not always indicate a health concern, please contact your water utility if your water changes color suddenly. Common Causes Of Water Discolorations Include Pipe Sediment Orange, brown, and black water often […]

4 Tips For Saving Water At Your Business

Water conservation has become an increasingly pressing issue for New Jersey, our annual water deficits becoming more and more of a reality. You may not even consider the growing water shortage on a daily basis, but you should still ask yourself this question: Is your business or other commercial building guilty of using too much […]

Common Lawn Watering Blunders

Keeping your lawn healthy and verdant is as easy as making sure it gets plenty of water… right? While it would be convenient if lawn care were this simple, the reality is that many households and businesses alike struggle with proper lawn maintenance because they make one or more these common blunders. What Common Mistakes […]

What Does The Smell Of Your Water Mean?

It is often not enough to be able to identify that your water has “an unpleasant odor.” In order to determine the source of the problem, we must be able to decide what the most likely culprits are based on what exactly the odor smells like. Common Odors In Drinking Water Musty and Earthy If […]

Tanz Inc. Can Activate Your Sprinklers

When you trust your irrigation system to the property maintenance professionals at Tanz Inc., you’re ensuring a well-maintained and properly functioning (or winterized) system all year long. In the spring, we’ll visit your home or commercial property to activate your sprinkler system and make sure it’s ready to keep your lawn healthy through the hot […]

The Dangers Of Lead Contamination

Most of us are aware of the lead paint problem in older homes, but what about the lead content in your home’s water due to lead pipes? Although low levels of lead in your home’s drinking water are not typically harmful, your water may be affected by a few plumbing methods that are historically common: […]

Don’t Spend Retirement Dealing With Sprinklers

Your retirement should be about picking old, abandoned hobbies back up, spending time with family and friends, and simply enjoying your free time, but dealing with the constantly looming responsibilities of being a property owner can become more and more time consuming as you spend more and more time at home. Maintaining your irrigation system, […]