Multiple studies have reported that homes with professionally lighted exteriors sell for more than comparable homes that do not have attractive and functional lighting. The benefit of outdoor lighting extends far beyond improved curb appeal and increased property value. Properly designed, installed, and maintained lighting system provides improved safety, security, aesthetics, and overall enjoyment of your yard. 


A well-lit outdoor space adds a variety of safety measures to your yard. Walkway lighting highlights walking paths around your home minimizing trips and falls. Exterior lighting doesn’t just provide functional safety. It also provides a sense of well-being for your guests and your family. Lighted areas feel safer. 


Outdoor lighting is an attractive, practical, and relatively inexpensive security measure that will provide your neighbors and you with a sense of wellbeing. An illuminated home perimeter, yard, and walkways act as a deterrent to human and critter intruders. 

Adding programable timers to your lighting design lets you pick which lights turn on at what time. It allows you to change up the timing on your lights to further deter unwanted “guests.” 


Well-designed exterior lighting augments the curb appeal of your home. Using light to show off your house and property features makes the property appear larger, well-maintained, and welcoming.

Outdoor lighting creates an extremely warm, homey feel. Having a private oasis to settle into at the end of the day enriches the treasured time spent with family and friends.


Excellent lighting makes every moment spent outside even better. Whether you are chilling by a fire pit, taking in a starry night, or sipping a cup of cocoa on the patio, lighting creates a welcoming environment for creating extraordinary memories.

Cost Effective

There are cost-effective options for installing and maintaining a beautiful yard with modern lighting designs. Lightening is more affordable than other improvements that don’t add curb appeal and enjoyability lighting provides.

Lighting features are more efficient than ever and don’t cost a fortune to install or operate. 

Benefits of Working with a Professional Team

Working with trained and experienced lighting experts enables you to jointly develop the right system for your home and your yard. Professionals leverage the highest quality products that provide years of enjoyment during all four seasons. 

Lighting experts come to your home, walk your property, get to know your preferences, and provide options that meet your goals and budget.

DIY Dangers

There are endless exterior lighting options at local hardware and big box stores. There are several challenges with DIY lighting projects. The materials aren’t always high quality, installation doesn’t always go as planned, and lack of an overall design and plan yields less than optimal results.

Design Plans – Without a design plan and installation guide, you can end up with random lighting features that are improperly spaced, lack the electrical infrastructure, and a lighting solution that detracts from your property instead of enhancing it.

Fixture Quality

The fixture options at a local home improvement store are usually limited. A professional landscape lighting business has access to endless styles and materials that typically come with a better warranty than off-the-shelf products. 

Lighting professionals use materials that perform better and last longer in extreme temperatures, humidity, and abuse from pets and bugs. 


Home projects that involve electricity have the potential to be hazardous. Your DIY job might result in poor wiring and connections, faulty grounding, and overloaded circuits. All of these issues can turn dangerous and impact the safety of your family and home.

Repairing blundered DIY projects can be very costly. Using a professional ensures that your landscape lighting is installed correctly and meets all regulations and electrical codes in your area.

At Tanz Inc., we provide a temporary lighting demonstration kit. This temporary system allows you to have the opportunity to see the nighttime effect of your custom lighting design before committing to a complete system installation. 

When we’re finished, your outdoor space will be beautifully and strategically lit. Find out more about our Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

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