Some people get grouchy as an ogre as the holidays approach, but not you! No, you still have a spark of childlike delight and wonderment in your heart, and the holidays have a way of bringing it out. No wonder you get giddy with excitement when Halloween rolls around. You’re probably the first person on your block stringing up fake spider webs in your trees, lining your walkway with plastic jack-o-lanterns, and posting that creepy scarecrow in your front yard. We love your enthusiasm, but we need to make an uncomfortable observation…who’s going to see all of your hard work at night, since you don’t have any landscape lights?

It’s getting darker earlier and earlier, which means your property and your tricked out lawn will basically turn into a black hole as soon as the sun sets. What a shame that all your neighbors driving home from work will miss your masterful decorating.

Here Is Your Excuse to Update Your Outdoor Lighting

We know that you’ve been looking for an excuse to update your old or non-existent outdoor lighting, and here’s your chance. Not only will outdoor lighting let you show off your gorgeous landscape and increase the safety of your property, but not it can also become part of your Halloween decorating extravaganza.

Won’t it be so cool when your new outdoor accent lights glint off the slick black bodies of the rubber bats you’ve hung from the branches of your trees? Or how the light from your porch will throw creepy shadows across your scarecrow? Don’t forget that lighting up your driveway will help all the little goblins and ghouls make it to your front door when Halloween finally arrives. Without strong lighting, the little ones may be more likely to slip on wet paving stones or miss a step on the porch.

Your Halloween decorations deserve to be admired by everyone in your neighborhood! Don’t let poor or nonexistent outdoor lighting take away from your grand achievement. If you live in Northern New Jersey or Mecklenburg / Union Counties in North Carolina, call Tanz, Inc right away to schedule an outdoor lighting consultation. We can work with you to devise a personalized outdoor lighting plan that will beautifully accent your home and landscape at night. Great lighting will show off your home and decorations, and increase the security and safety of your property! Losing out on all those benefits is a scary thought!