If you’re a homeowner who has an irrigation system installed in your yard, then you know how essential it is to maintain it regularly. Your irrigation system is responsible for providing your plants and lawn with the proper amount of water to thrive. Last year if you put off the necessary repairs for your system, it’s best to get them fixed now before you reactivate your entire system. Ignoring significant problems throughout the winter months has likely caused additional damage to your irrigation system.

Here are some reasons why you should act quickly and get any necessary repairs completed:

Leaking Fixtures – Ignoring a leaking valve or broken sprinkler head can quickly turn a minor problem into a significant one. Over time, the water pressure caused by the leaks can lead to soil erosion and an increased water bill. As a result, you’ll be wasting water that you’re paying for every month, and your yard will suffer.

Pipe Damage – Over time, pipes can become brittle, and when exposed to harsh winter temperatures, they can crack, break or even burst. It may seem like a minor issue, but a small crack can have severe consequences. Water seeps into the soil, creating sinkholes or land subsidence, which can compromise the foundation of your home.

Controller Issues – The controller is one of the critical components of any irrigation system. It tells your irrigation system when to water and how much water to use. Even minor faults prevent your irrigation system from functioning as it should.

Clogged Irrigation Nozzles – Inactive irrigation systems tend to get clogged during the winters with debris, dirt and dust. These particles will clog the sprinkler nozzles or prevent them from popping up. Blocked nozzles result in the uneven spread of water, damaging your plants.

Improper Water Flow – Healthy landscapes need the proper flow of water to thrive. When your irrigation system is not functioning correctly, it can lead to inadequate or excessive water dispersal; this can complicate the growth of your plants.

A well-maintained irrigation system is essential for maintaining beautiful landscaping. Before reactivating your irrigation system, it’s incredibly important to conduct a thorough inspection of all of its components. If any repairs are required, it’s best to get them fixed by a professions before reactivating your entire system. It’s crucial to avoid any further damage that winter could bring to your irrigation system. 

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