Everyone wants a beautiful lawn for their New Jersey home, but not everyone wants to spend a lot of time working on it. If you are envious of your neighbor’s lush lawn but dread the thought of spending hours working in your own yard, our New Jersey irrigation systems experts have some tips to help you create a low-maintenance lawn that will look incredible with minimal effort!

A Lovely Lawn Without the Effort

new jersey irrigation systemsInstall Irrigation Systems

We aren’t just suggesting this because it’s what our business does; we’re suggesting it because it’s truly one of the easiest ways to care for a lawn! Instead of remembering to water, setting up the sprinkler, and moving it around your yard, an irrigation system takes care of everything. It can be set up to automatically water your lawn at designated times of the day, and it can even water your flower beds and vegetable gardens. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it solution to a perfectly watered lawn.

Prep Garden Beds Properly

If you take a little extra time to prepare your garden beds correctly, you’ll spend much less time maintaining them. Lay down garden cloth under your dirt to prevent weeds, poking your plants through to the dirt underneath. Your plants will get the nutrients they need from the soil while weeds won’t be able to grow through the cloth. Cover with mulch or rock to complete the bed.

Choose Your Plants Carefully

If you don’t want to mess with planting flowers each spring, plant only perennials. These plants will bloom year after year, giving you low-maintenance beauty in your yard. Perennials may need to be occasionally trimmed or weeded, but that should be about the extent of your effort. One thing to keep in mind, though: most perennials won’t bloom the first year or two while they establish a root system, so you’ll have to be patient.

Install Permanent Edging

The edges of your lawn can quickly start to look ragged and bring down the rest of your yard if they aren’t maintained properly. The problem is maintaining edges can be time consuming; you’ll probably have to either hand trim them or use a weed wacker and if you don’t love caring for your yard you aren’t likely to bother. Prevent the shaggy look by installing permanent edging. This allows you to mow your grass right up to the edging, giving you a neat and trimmed look to your lawn without additional effort.

outdoorCut Down Lawn Size

Many homeowners end up with a yard that’s much bigger than they actually need (or actually want to care for). You can cut down on maintenance by cutting down on your lawn size. Install a brick patio, rock off part of the lawn, or mulch in a large section. Grass is the highest maintenance item in your yard, and while you’ll properly want to keep some grass, you can eliminate a lot of hassle by eliminating a lot of grass.

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