dreamstime_xxl_30546080New Jersey homeowners have a lot to do to prepare before the winter season takes over. Flowers, shrubs, and other plant life must be protected from the impending freeze, and irrigation systems must be winterized, or “blown out.” To winterize a sprinkler system, it must be completely clear of any water. When water freezes, it expands, so leaving water inside your sprinkler system can cause a number of costly damages. After being exposed to months of freezing temperatures, an improperly winterized irrigation system will likely need to be repaired or even replaced. Protect your initial investment, and keep your sprinkler system safe from unnecessary damage by ensuring that it gets effectively blown out.  

Your checklist for preparing for spring is probably just as lengthy as it was for your winter preparations. You can make sure that your spring goes smoothly by properly preparing for winter. When you want to focus on getting your garden and other landscaping ready for the warmer season, you don’t need the added stress and expense of dealing with a damaged or inoperable irrigation system. Installing a replacement system could mean destroying all of the work you’ve done to your lawn since your initially installed your system.

Make sure your winterization gets completed correctly by letting the professionals take care of it for you. The property maintenance experts at Tanz Inc. can winterize all of your irrigation systems in New Jersey, including those at your home and commercial property. Fill out our online form for a free estimate.