Irrigation systems installed by Tanz Inc. can keep your lawn healthy.The last major New Jersey drought occurred over a decade ago, so it’s just a matter of time before we hit another dry spell. The next time New Jersey falls victim to drought conditions, how will you keep your lawn alive? Follow these pieces of advice to promote healthy grass during the drier months.

Tips For Lawn Care During Drought Conditions

Be Prepared For A Drought

The best way to prepare for drought conditions is to keep your lawn as healthy and strong as possible. Ensure a deep, strong root base by reducing soil compaction, watering deeply and infrequently, and avoiding pesticides and herbicides.

Don’t Over-cut Your Grass

You want to avoid excessive mowing during drought conditions. Taller grass stores more water and provides more shade for the soil, which prevents the grass roots from drying out as quickly.

Avoid Water Runoff

Pay attention to where your water is going to avoid being wasteful, and keep your sprinklers pointed inward to avoid watering streets and sidewalks. You should also monitor your lawn in order to identify and solve water runoff issues.

Limit Foot Traffic

You want to keep as much stress off of your lawn as possible during a drought. This means mowing less, watering less (but deeply), and limiting foot traffic. You’ll have to play catch at the park for a little while.

Install Automatic Sprinklers

If you’re using conventional sprinklers, you might consider the benefits of automatic irrigation systems. Automatic sprinklers can help with water waste issues by providing an efficient watering system and by properly watering oddly-shaped lawns.

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