When winter hits New Jersey, the temperatures plummet and the growing season is long gone. If you have lived through a New Jersey winter before, then you undoubtedly know how important it is to clear any outdoor lines of water due to the deep freezing that will occur. One such system that needs to be winterized is your irrigation system. As experts in winterizing sprinkler systems, we can help you ensure that your property is prepared for the cold ahead. Read on to learn more about the important tasks you should complete before winter strikes to ensure your sprinkler system is protected and ready for next spring.

Start With Repairs

Before you invest in blowing out your sprinkler system for the winter, take the time to schedule any repairs that are needed. It is much better to address issues now than to wait until next spring. Over the winter, if you procrastinate repairs for next spring, you can wind up forgetting about what repairs are needed. Right now, with the summer just ending, you understand the health of your sprinkler system. Take note of any issues you witnessed over the summer, such as areas that weren’t watered enough, sputtering sprinkler heads, uneven water pressure, or broken sprinkler heads.

Schedule an inspection of your system and handle any necessary repairs before you close down the system for the season. This will allow you to run the sprinklers a few times to ensure everything is ready for next spring before you winterize the property.

Schedule Professional Winterization Services

Once you feel that you have properly repaired any existing issues with your sprinkler system, you will want to schedule a professional winterization service. A company, such as ours, can come and blow out the sprinklers, ensuring that no water is left in the lines during the cold winter months. This is an important task as it protects your lines from freezing and bursting. For this reason, it is better to let a professional team handle the task than to try to do it yourself. Often, when you try to clear the lines on your own, you will not properly rid the entire system of water and you could cause damage to components.

A professional team can help you not only clear the lines of water but can also ensure your entire system is shut down properly. The last thing you want is for your sprinklers to kick on in the middle of the first freeze.

Insulate Exposed Components

Once your irrigation system has been cleared of water and properly shut down, you should spend some time insulating any exposed components. For example, if you have a main shut off valve that is exposed to the elements, you will want to cover this piece with an insulation cap. You should also insulate any above ground piping. You can utilize foam for this task and insulation tape. If your property features a backflow preventer, take the time to properly insulate this as well.

While you are focused on all the components of your irrigation system, don’t forget to take the time to check for other exposed pipes on your property. Look for spouts and hose connections around your property. If you have utilized a garden hose over the summer months, drain this hose and put it away in storage. Place insulation caps on all the exposed spouts and ensure all the water is shut off completely.

Call In The Winterization Pros

Do you need your irrigation system winterized? We can help. Our team is equipped to help you ensure your sprinkler system is properly prepared for the freezing weather ahead. We can work with you to handle any necessary repairs before shutting down the sprinkler system for the season. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to turn back on the system come spring time. We will work with you to find any issues now so that they do not sit over the winter months.

Once your system is repaired and ready to be shut down, we will use our powerful equipment to blow out the irrigation system. This will safely rid your irrigation system of any water, which will protect it against damages during freezing weather. Finally, we will help you ensure the system is completely shut down for the winter. As your New Jersey irrigation system pros, we are ready to help you prepare your residential or commercial property for the winter ahead. Reach out today to learn more.