When you invest in irrigation systems for your New Jersey home, you want that system to last as long as possible. Tanz Inc. offers services that can extend the life of your sprinkler system so it becomes more cost-effective, efficient, and reliable. We’ve learned over the last three decades exactly what sprinkler systems need to last longer and perform better for homeowners. So how can we extend the life of your irrigation system? We offer a variety of services that can help!

We Make Your Irrigation Systems Last Longer

Proper Winter Maintenance

A good sprinkler system shouldn’t need much maintenance to keep working properly, but one maintenance item that you don’t want to neglect is preparing your system for winter. Leaving water in your sprinklers over the harsh New Jersey winter can result in pipes freezing, bursting, and causing major issues in the spring. We’ll blow out your sprinkler system at the end of fall and make sure it’s ready for winter.

Preventative Maintenance

Along with winter maintenance, general preventative maintenance can help your system stay problem-free. Our team can inspect your system and offer preventative maintenance on it, such as replacing worn out parts or repairing broken elements of your system to keep it working flawlessly. This preventative maintenance can address problem areas before they become major (and expensive!) issues in the future.

Fast, Competent Repair Work

Even the best system will need a repair or two over the years! Tanz Inc. offers fast, competent repair work that gets the job done right the first time. You’ll be thrilled with the results and the low cost of our repair work.

Call For a Free Estimate On Your Irrigation Systems Needs

Tanz Inc. offers free estimates on the work you need done on your irrigation systems. Whether we did the work ourselves or you had another company install it for you, we are happy to provide you with the best maintenance possible to make your system last longer. You’ll appreciate our friendly and professional technicians who genuinely care about doing a good job for you! Simply give us a call or contact us through our website and give us some details about the work you need done to your system. We’ll send you a free estimate and set up an appointment to get started on the work. You’ll see why more people depend on our team to maximize the life of their sprinkler system!