dreamstime_xxl_505721These days, many homebuyers begin their searches online before checking out the homes they’re interested in personally. When potential buyers find your home for sale, you don’t want them to be immediately disappointed because the home doesn’t look as good in person as it did in the picture. Maximize your home’s curb appeal by ensuring you have all of these bases covered.

Clean & Decluttered Exterior

Depending on the state of your home, this might be a large project, but presenting a clean and decluttered house is important to the selling process. Pressure washing is a quick and effective method for clearing various types of debris from the exterior of your home. Don’t forget to also wash your windows and polish up your house numbers.

Repaired Driveway and Sidewalks

When driveways and paths are in good condition, it speaks positively about the condition of the home itself, so if you have split or cracked concrete, paving, or masonry, you should consider having it repaired prior to selling your home. You’ll also want to reseal any asphalt on your property and refresh your gravel driveway and paths with a fresh layer.

Healthy, Green, Freshly-Mowed Lawn

Even the most beautiful homes can be lifeless and uninviting when surrounded by a patchy, dead, or overgrown lawn. Invest in a professionally-installed automatic sprinkler system if you don’t already have one installed in order to make sure your lawn is always receiving the proper amount of water at the proper time.

We’re the other kind of property professionals at Tanz Inc. We can’t help you sell your home, but we can help maximize your curb appeal so you get the best possible value. As Fair Lawn’s “Irrigation King,” we know irrigation systems. We can install a brand new system on your property, repair your current system, and provide system maintenance during any season. Contact us online to learn more about our property maintenance services.