dreamstime_17917197Keeping your lawn healthy and verdant is as easy as making sure it gets plenty of water… right? While it would be convenient if lawn care were this simple, the reality is that many households and businesses alike struggle with proper lawn maintenance because they make one or more these common blunders.

What Common Mistakes Do We Make While Watering?

Using Too Much Or Too Little Water

One of the first things your grass needs to stand up to the hot sun and foot traffic is a deep root system, and watering too little or too much can both negatively affect your lawn’s roots. Using too little water will prevent the root system from digging deeply into the soil, which puts the grass at greater risk for drying out and developing disease or insect issues. Overwatering can drown your root system, which is equally as harmful.  

Watering At The Wrong Time

If you’re watering your lawn in the middle of the day when the sun and the outdoor temperatures are at their highest, you’re not doing your lawn much good. Watering in high heat means much of the water simply evaporates before ever making it into your lawn’s root system. The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning. This will prevent evaporation before the water can reach the root system, and it will prevent disease and insect issues because your grass will be dry by the evening.

Improper Zoning

Have you ever watched an irrigation system wastefully water a sidewalk, or do you notice that some of your plants, flowers, or shrubs aren’t getting the proper amount of water? Many of these types of issues are caused by improper zoning. Firstly, sprinkler heads not pointed at your lawn are wasting water and money, and secondly, some flowers and plants may have different watering requirements than your lawn does. By making sure your lawn is zoned correctly, you’ll ensure the proper amount of water reaches all of your outdoor greenery without the added expense of watering concrete.

Of course, you can guarantee proper watering when you hire irrigation professionals to design, install, repair, and maintain your sprinkler system. Contact Tanz Inc. to learn about our sprinkler system services. We’ve been servicing New Jersey irrigation systems for more than 30 years.