new jersey irrigation systemsWhen we install irrigation systems in the New Jersey area, we build them to last. Our teams use high-quality equipment and their extensive personal experience to install a sprinkler system that our clients can use for years without issues. However, even with the best products and service, occasionally something might go wrong with your irrigation system whether you have Tanz Inc. or another company install it. There are some common sprinkler system issues that you may be able to handle yourself. Get some tips from our team of professional system installation experts on common sprinkler issues and how to deal with them.

Common Sprinkler Issues

Sprinkler Head is Cracked or Broken

You’ll know this is the case when your sprinkler either doesn’t pop up or is spraying water erratically. Unfortunately, this is a common issue when sprinkler heads aren’t installed properly or if they are run over by lawn care equipment such as your lawn mower. Fortunately, it’s a fast and easy fix. You’ll simply need to dig down around the sprinkler head far enough to remove the head by unscrewing it and then replacing it with a new one.

Sprinkler Head is Tipped or Crooked

Sometimes sprinkler heads can start to look like a miniature Learning Tower of Pisa in your yard, throwing off the direction they are spraying water and leaving you with brown spots because the water is no longer reaching the area. This usually happens because the soil underneath the sprinkler head has settled, so the head has sunken down or shifted out of place. Another simply repair: dig around the sprinkler head and pack in fill dirt underneath it to bring it back to a level position. Replace the landscaping around it and you should have a level sprinkler head again.

Little or No Water Coming Out of Sprinkler

If you have one sprinkler head that doesn’t seem to be working as well as the rest, it’s likely a clogged head. Sprinklers are exposed to a lot of environment debris, including dirt, dust, bugs, rocks, and more. That debris can work its way into the sprinkler head and clog it up, restricting or even stopping the flow of water. To fix it, you’ll need to remove the sprinkler head and thoroughly rinse it. If you feel capable, you may need to partially dismantle the sprinkler head in order to thoroughly rinse it out and remove all of the debris.

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Tanz Inc. has been dubbed New Jersey’s Irrigation Systems King for a reason! We’ve been installing, maintaining and repairing irrigation systems for residents for over 30 years. So the next time you are experiencing an issue with your sprinklers that you can’t fix yourself, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you fix your system and get it working again in no time. You can reach out to our team by giving us a call or contacting us through our website today. We’ll even give you a free estimate on your irrigation system needs!