dreamstime_xxl_8663740Water conservation has become an increasingly pressing issue for New Jersey, our annual water deficits becoming more and more of a reality. You may not even consider the growing water shortage on a daily basis, but you should still ask yourself this question: Is your business or other commercial building guilty of using too much water?

Tips For Water Conservation

Consider Your Fixtures & Appliances

Especially in older buildings, your toilets, sinks, showers, clothes washers, dishwashers, etc. could be using more water than a newer, more efficient fixture or appliance. For example, your dated toilet could be using five gallons of water to flush whereas a newer toilet might only use less than half that amount.

Educate Your Employees

If you’re serious about making your business water-conscious, it’s important to include your employees. Educate them on the importance of water conservation, and encourage a culture of efficiency. If necessary, you can even include a resource conservation portion to your employees’ performance reviews.

Lower Your Landscape Water Use

Keeping our lawns healthy and green can be tricky if we’re trying to conserve water, but properly designed and installed irrigation systems can do both. Many landscape watering systems waste water by watering sidewalks and streets, watering at the wrong time, using too much water, and not collecting runoff for irrigation reuse.

Get A Professional Water Audit

When you invite a property maintenance professional to your commercial building for a water audit, you’re making a great choice for your water conservation efforts. A professional water audit by Tanz Inc. will examine every aspect of your building’s water usage in order to design the best water conservation strategy.

Contact our property maintenance experts today to learn more about saving water at your New Jersey business.