Home and business owners alike face the constant threat of burglary, and the possibility of falling victim to this crime is always present. While installing a high-tech security system or hiring a security guard may seem like the obvious solution, did you know that simply lighting the exterior of your property can be just as effective a deterrent? In this blog post, we explore how the subtle and yet impactful power of lighting can keep burglars at bay.

Light it up: Illuminating your property ensures there are no dark and inviting spots that could provide cover for burglars. Motion-activated lights placed above doorways, in shadows or around corners are highly effective in deterring would-be intruders. They will be startled by any sudden movements or brightly illuminated areas and will likely back off. Lighting also sends the message that you’re proactive about home security.

Increases Visibility: Good lighting increases visibility by making it easy to clearly see who’s at your door and around your property. Burglars often use the cover of darkness and shadows to conceal their movements. By making it more difficult for them to keep hidden, you’re increasing the chance they will be spotted by someone in the area or caught on camera.

Use a variety of lighting: To create the most effective lighting strategy, it’s smart to use a combination of lighting. Install lights that are strong enough to light up the surrounding space, but also consider using softer lights as well. By placing ambient lighting to illuminate walkways and landscaping, you increase visibility in areas where you might not need as bright a light. Those subtle, gentle lights add to the ambiance of your home or business while making the property safer.

Automated lighting: Smart lighting has gotten smarter over the years, making it easier than ever to secure your home or business. An example of this is bulbs that connect to your home security system and turn on automatically when someone opens a door or breaks into a window. With home automation, you can program your home’s lights to turn on and off at certain times and even adjust the brightness levels.

Maintenance: It’s essential to maintain your property’s lighting system regularly. Check bulbs and wiring to ensure that the lights are working correctly, and replace or repair any broken parts as needed. It’s important to keep your lights maintained year-round to ensure that the system can operate optimally when it’s needed the most.

In today’s day and age, it’s essential to do everything we can to protect our homes and businesses from burglars. Lighting is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to increase the safety of your property. It reduces hiding places, increases visibility, and creates a sense of security. Installing an automated lighting system that’s easy to maintain is an one-time investment that can keep you and your property safe for years to come. It’s time to brighten up your home or business and keep burglars at bay with proper lighting. Greg Tanzer Sprinklers is an expert in lighting installation and maintenance in New Jersey! Contact us for a no obligation quote.