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February 05 2019 0comment

How Our Property Maintenance Team Can Transform Your Commercial Space in 2019

As a commercial property manager, you do everything to ensure your space is beautiful, safe, and functional. But you also understand that you can’t do everything yourself. Tanz Inc has been offering top-notch property maintenance for nearly 40 years. Let’s take a closer look at why you should invest in our commercial services during the […]

November 20 2018 0comment

Safety Tips For Your Commercial Property During the Winter Months

Whether you’ve lived in New Jersey for a year or a decade, you know that winters can be nasty. That’s why it’s important to take the necessary safety precautions, from allowing yourself extra time in the morning to wearing multiple layers. As a property manager, it’s your responsibility to keep your commercial space safe for […]

October 15 2018 0comment

Planning For The Maintenance Of Your Commercial Property This Winter

During the summer months, the maintenance of your commercial property includes a large focus on watering, mowing, and trimming back growth. With this season of growing drawing to an end, your focus for property maintenance will take a shift. While you no longer need to worry about how tall your grass is getting, there are […]

If You Think It’s Time to Put Your Lawnmower Away and Cancel Your New Jersey Property Maintenance, Think Again

If you haven’t already noticed, and excuse us for this friendly reminder, summer is on its way out and before you know it, cooler weather will prevail. Yes, we realize it’s still August, but the signs of autumn are already here. Check your calendar, preseason football starts today, a sure sign of fall. But if […]

It is Critical Your New Jersey Property Maintenance Company Includes Parking Lot Maintenance in Their Services

Businesses both big and small often have parking lots near their buildings. Keeping these parking lots and other outside areas clean is becoming increasingly recognized as an important element in a successful business. There are several studies that show cleanliness is a major factor in determining where people choose to shop. In addition, external cleanliness […]