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October 01 2018 0comment

Signs That Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair

When it comes to keeping your lawn pristine and green, your irrigation system plays a major role. As experts in irrigation systems in New Jersey, we have seen what happens to both residential and commercial properties when their sprinkler system begins to fail. Over the long summer months, your sprinkler may have endured normal wear […]

September 24 2018 0comment

A Fall Landscaping Checklist For Homeowners

Just a few days ago, we waved goodbye to summer and said hello to autumn. It’s no surprise why many New Jersey residents consider fall their favorite season of the year. Cooler weather, football-packed weekends, and pumpkin-spiced everything – what’s not to like? Here’s the thing, though: Autumn is a critical time for your yard. […]

How to Choose the Right Sprinkler System

According to HGTV, nearly 30 percent of your water bill stems from outdoor use. That’s why it’s imperative to have an efficient irrigation system. Sure, it helps to have various native and drought-tolerant plants. But the right sprinkler system makes a world of difference. Keep reading to learn more. In-Ground Sprinkler Systems These underground pipes […]

July 19 2018 0comment

Why Invest in Commercial Irrigation Systems?

We are quickly approaching the dog days of summer. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when once-beautiful lawns can no longer withstand the heat. Here at Tanz Inc., we want to help keep your property’s exterior looking incredible. Consider the following reasons to invest in commercial irrigation systems: Your sprinkler system has seen better […]

May 18 2018 0comment

Why You Should Choose Us for Property Maintenance

Memorial Day is just around the corner. Can you believe it? Whether you own a home or a commercial property, chances are that you have plenty of outdoor chores on the to-do list. This could be anything from sprinkler system repair to lawn maintenance. Here’s the thing, though: maybe you just don’t have the time […]

Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

Winterizing Your Sprinkler System   New Jersey residents are no strangers to the frigid, bitter cold in the brutal winter months. Though we are currently only finishing summer, it’s still a good idea to look ahead and schedule out a date to have your sprinkler system professionally winterized, or “blown-out”, before Jack Frost makes his […]