Residential Sprinkler Maintenance

Tanz Inc. provides New Jersey residents with residential sprinkler system repair and maintenance.

Regular sprinkler system repair and maintenance is just as important as a proper sprinkler system installation. Failing to keep up with your system’s maintenance can increase the risk of system failures, including ruptured water lines, electrical problems, and damaged sprinkler heads.

Our professional home maintenance services ensure that your residential sprinkler system is operating with maximum efficiency at all times.  A properly maintained sprinkler system will help keep your lawn and gardens healthy and beautiful, minimize your water costs, and save you time and money.

Our sprinkler system maintenance includes the following annual system activation, mid-season inspection, and winterization services:

  • Pressurize the mainline with water to detect leaks
  • Activate and monitor each sprinkler zone to look for leaks, defective parts, and damaged sprinkler heads
  • Provide all necessary sprinkler head adjustments as needed
  • Check for clogged sprinkler nozzles and lines and clean as necessary
  • Close and winterize your system, including air blow-out all irrigation lines and shut down or unplug all controllers

Our annual service contract includes spring system activations, mid-season inspections, fall deactivations, winterizations, and a 10% discount on parts.  We’ll service any residential sprinkler system, even those we didn’t install, regardless of the brand. Our service technicians are experienced, efficient, and prepared, carrying a comprehensive assortment of parts in their trucks, which enables them to fix most problems on the spot.

If your sprinkler system is not working properly, we’ll promptly send an experienced service technician to evaluate and repair it. If we can’t fix your problem immediately, we’ll schedule another appointment for the amount of time needed to complete the repair. Contact Tanz Inc. today for your sprinkler system maintenance and other property maintenance services.