New Jersey residents get their commercial sprinkler system repair and maintenance services from Tanz Inc.

A commercial irrigation system can be complex, with many mechanical, electrical, and digital parts that need to work together smoothly in order for the system to function. If something goes wrong in a large commercial landscape sprinkler system, thousands of gallons of water can be wasted, organizational resources squandered, and even extensive property damage caused. Regular maintenance and proper seasonal activations and winterizations can go a long way to ensuring your commercial sprinkler system functions efficiently and cost-effectively, year in and year out.

Our sprinkler system repair and maintenance program includes the following annual system activation and winterization services:

  • Detect leaks by pressurizing the mainline with water
  • Check for leaks, defective parts, and damaged sprinkler heads by activating and monitoring each zone
  • Providing all necessary sprinkler head adjustments as needed
  • Checking for clogged sprinkler nozzles and lines and cleaning them as necessary
  • Winterizing your system, including air blow-out of all irrigation lines as well as shutting down or unplugging all controllers

Our annual service contract includes spring system activation, a mid-season inspection, and system winterization. We’ll service any sprinkler system regardless of the brand, or who installed it originally. Our experienced service technicians are always prepared to handle the majority of repairs on the spot, and they treat every customer with respect and superior service.

If your sprinkler system is not working properly, our property maintenance experts can promptly send an experienced service technician to evaluate and repair it. If we can’t fix your problem immediately, we’ll schedule another, properly timed appointment to complete the repair. If your existing system is too inefficient or expensive to repair, you may want to consider a new sprinkler system installation.

Contact the irrigation experts at Tanz Inc. if you need to winterize or otherwise maintain or repair your sprinkler system at your commercial property.