Improve your New Jersey parking lot with fresh striping from Tanz Inc.

Expert, high quality parking lot striping is the cornerstone of every safe and efficient parking lot. Proper parking lot striping provides effective traffic and pedestrian flow, maximizes lot capacity, and ensures regulatory compliance. A well marked parking lot minimizes visitor confusion and dissatisfaction while increasing safety and functionality.

Our parking lot striping services ensure:

  • State and city code compliance to ensure your parking lot meets all appropriate regulations regarding traffic flow and safety.
  • ADA compliance to meet all Americans With Disabilities Act requirements for handicapped accessibility, including proper handicap space striping and stenciling.
  • Fire zone regulatory compliance, including all applicable municipal, state, and federal requirements for striping and stenciling commercial, municipal, and industrial non-parking fire zone areas.

Our parking lot maintenance professionals are highly skilled and experienced at providing all required stencils, markings, and striping using DOT approved and ADA compliant materials. Contact our property maintenance experts today for your parking lot striping service.