Tanz Inc. offers asphalt sealcoating services to New Jersey and New York.

Proper asphalt sealcoating can significantly extend the life of your asphalt pavement and provide a uniform finish to your parking lot with the kind of curb appeal that will enhance the appeal of your business.

Asphalt sealcoating enhances and extends the life of your parking lot by:

  • Protecting your asphalt against harmful UV rays and extreme weather
  • Sealing out moisture to prevent cracking and reduce pavement deterioration
  • Resisting chemical damage from gasoline, oil, and road salt
  • Increasing safety by helping to provide a uniform and consistent surface

Our asphalt repair and maintenance experts use only the highest quality, environmentally safe products and multiple applications to ensure complete and even coating. As part of a regular parking lot maintenance program, asphalt sealcoating helps reduce a wide range of environmental and traffic damage to keep your parking lot attractive, functional, and efficient for years to come. Contact our parking lot maintenance experts today for your sealcoating service.