Tanz Inc provides asphalt crack sealing to the New Jersey area.

Unlike concrete, asphalt is a flexible paving material. While asphalt has the benefit of flexibility to better weather temperature extremes, it will also dry out and crack over time. Asphalt crack sealing is the best defense against parking lot deterioration, enabling the business owner or property manager to keep a small problem from becoming a big one. Done correctly, crack sealing closes openings that allow water to get under the pavement, which can cause frost heaves in the winter that can further crack the pavement, cause potholes, and significantly reduce the life of the parking lot.

Proper crack filling and sealing can:

  • Prevent water entry that can not only increase heaving and cracking, but also weaken the pavement base and sub-base, further damaging your parking lot.
  • Minimize additional crack growth
  • Prevent compressive stress problems from additional material such as dirt, sand, and stones entering cracks.

Asphalt cracks can develop from a variety of causes, including extreme temperature fluctuations, excessive wear and tear, and improper pavement installation. Our property maintenance professionals have the expertise to identify the root problem and properly treat cracks based on their causes. Contact our pavement experts today for your asphalt repair services.