Tanz Inc. provides asphalt repair services to New Jersey.

When the asphalt in your parking lot becomes too cracked, heaved, or otherwise damaged, it can cause traffic disruptions, falling or other safety hazards, and, if not repaired, even worse problems later on. We carry out asphalt repairs quickly and professionally to minimize parking lot disruption and help prevent future problems. Our services include pothole repairs, overlay, mill and pave repairs, and even complete asphalt replacement. Unlike many property maintenance and asphalt repair companies that might only use “cold patch” asphalt, which is more appropriate for temporary fixes, we only use the finest hot-applied asphalt aggregate, providing a better, more permanent repair that can stand up to traffic over time.

Our asphalt repair services include:

  • Thermal Bond Patching is a fast and effective method of patching a deteriorated section of pavement that involves reheating the asphalt and blending it with new asphalt to produce a tight, integrated, seamless patch that will last.
  • Surface Patching removes asphalt by milling down the damaged area to a partial depth, cleaning it out, and installing new asphalt that replaces any surface defects.
  • Full-Depth Patching requires the complete removal of the deteriorated section of asphalt down to the base and then installing new asphalt for the longest-term repair possible.

If your business or organization’s parking lot needs repairs, contact Tanz Inc. Our property maintenance professionals can keep your parking lot at its best for your customers and employees.