dreamstime_xxl_45988287When it comes to keeping your employees, customers, and family safe, the last thing you want to do is neglect the quality of your home or commercial building’s water. With Tanz Inc.’s free water testing service, you can gain the confidence you deserve that your water won’t negatively affect your plumbing, appliances, or the health of anyone you care about. Our water testing service will test for:

Dissolved Solids

Your drinking water will collect and dissolve solids as it percolates through stone, passes through miles of piping to reach you, and through a number of other processes. These solids include minerals such as calcium and magnesium, metals such as manganese and iron, and salts. Although dissolved solids are not typically hazardous to drink, they can cause scale buildup, reduced flow in your pipes, and several other problems.


Hard water has a particularly high mineral content, which causes staining on clothing, sinks, tubs, and other surfaces that have a lot of contact with your water. Hard water can also cause reduced effectiveness of soaps, scale buildup, consequential flow reduction, and scale accumulation in kettles and other hardware used for boiling water. Though not typically hazardous to your health, hard water can cause a lot of plumbing issues and can smell or taste unpleasant.


Chlorine is used during the water purification process to eliminate bacteria, some viruses, and the risk of recontamination while the water is in storage. A low amount of chlorine is safe to drink and is expected to be found in drinking water, but consuming an excessive amount of chlorine over time can have negative health effects, such as causing bladder cancer.


Nitrate contamination in groundwater can be caused by many things, including the use of nitrogen fertilizers. When the nitrate level in your drinking water reaches a certain point, it begins to affect drinkability. Infants younger than six months old are particularly at risk as higher than recommended nitrate levels can cause a serious blood disorder.


Haloacetic acids can form in your drinking water during the chlorination process, typically if there is a presence of relatively acidic water or a high content of organic matter. These acids cause mild to severe skin irritation, and they may increase the risks of cancer and birth defects.


Your water’s pH level refers to the amount of free hydrogen ions, which determines whether the water is acidic or alkaline. An increased pH level in drinking water can cause skin and eye irritation, and a low level can cause a higher metal content in the water.


When Tanz Inc. is finished with your free water test, our experts will discuss your options with you to determine the best course of action. We can help you with a variety of cost-effective solutions including a water filtration system that we can install for you.

Protect your home or commercial building as well as your friends, family, and employees by taking advantage of Tanz Inc.’s free water testing service in New Jersey.