Part of the process of ensuring that your sprinkler system is effective is timely maintenance. Last fall, before the freezing temperatures started to take hold, you likely had your sprinkler system serviced in order to blowout the lines and prepare for the cold ahead.

Now that spring is here, it is time to get your sprinkler system ready for the summer time again. When are you preparing your sprinkler system for summer, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Check out the following list which covers all you need to know about springtime sprinkler system maintenance.

Clear Away All Debris

One of the first places you should begin when preparing your sprinkler system for use is clearing away debris. During the winter months soil, rocks, sticks, and other debris may have shifted under the melting snow, piling up on sprinkler heads and nozzles.

Now that winter has passed, as you are cleaning up your yard, check all your sprinkler head locations to ensure that debris is cleared away. This will prevent your sprinkler system from malfunctioning and overwatering one area due to a blockage elsewhere.

When you are clearing away debris, be careful not to damage any of the sprinkler heads. Use small hand tools to scrape away clinging dirt and avoid excessive force.

Replace Damaged Parts

While your sprinkler system was designed to withstand the elements, it might not have fared well over the winter. Whether it was a snow plow that struck a sprinkler head too hard or damage from last summer’s mower, it is important to replace any damaged components before you use the sprinkler system. Even one broken piece can cause the system as a whole to malfunction.

Some of the easiest items to notice when damage has occured are the nozzles and sprinkler heads. A quick look at these items will tell you whether or not they are in need of replacement. Other items that you should have checked by a professional include your valves and control system.

Turn The System Back On Carefully

While it might be tempting to crank your sprinkler system back on full force, it is not wise to do so after a winter of no use. You need to slowly refill the lines with water so that you prevent any damage from occurring.

When it comes to turning back on a sprinkler system after the winter, it is best to let a professional handle the process. They can carefully regulate the system to ensure everything is operating exactly how it should.

Inspect Your System’s Pressure

Once the sprinkler system is back up and running, it is important to inspect the pressure to be certain that everything is functioning correctly. If the pressure is too high it can result in cracked pipes and can cause your system to operate inefficiently.

Call In The Pros For Springtime Sprinkler System Maintenance

Here at Tanz Inc., we have decades of experience working on sprinkler systems. We have the expertise needed to know exactly how to start your sprinkler system back up for the season. Not only can we take care of the above mentioned steps for you, we can also inspect the entire system to ensure there will be no problems ahead.

When we inspect your system we will look out for any damages that might have occurred over the winter and we will take the time to observe your sprinkler system as it starts back up to watch for any tell tale signs of issues.

Our goal is for your irrigation system to be ready to operate all summer long without giving you any issues. Whether you have a small residential sprinkler system or you are operating a commercial property with an extensive irrigation system, we can help.

If we find any damage or issues with your system, we are equipped to repair the system right then and there. If you have an old system that is no longer working, we can also talk to you about the option of installing a new sprinkler system.

Ready to prepare your sprinkler system for the hot summer days ahead? Give our team a call. We are proud to be the “Irrigation King” of New Jersey.